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Because every story begins with answering your why

At the Made on Sundays Studio, we believe that you write the most fulfilling chapters of your story when you feel in complete alignment with your life, business & purpose. 

We’re here to help service-based entrepreneurs tell their brand story with more clarity & confidence so they can run an ambitious business with more calm.

What's in your next chapter?

Because your life gets to feel like an exciting journey with many chapters yet to be written.

What's in your next chapter?

I am so grateful that you’ve decided to visit me in this digital home of mine. I started Made on Sundays to empower female entrepreneurs to tell their unique stories, so grab a cup of tea and let me tell you mine. 

So, after working in corporate for over six years, I decided to decline my promotion, the one I’ve worked so hard for. Instead, I kicked my cubicle goodbye, packed my bags, and moved to Amsterdam with my husband Jesse to start Made on Sundays.

A big shift? Yes. And trust me, making this decision wasn’t easy. I liked my corporate job and I was great at it, too. But, at the back of my head, I knew I wanted to try out entrepreneurship and build something of my own. Plus, the creative parts of my corporate job always piqued my interest the most. 

Once in Amsterdam, I wanted to live my life on my own, more intentional terms. I dreamed up Made on Sundays as I strolled along the canals of Amsterdam, eating stroopwafel with caramel dripping by the side of my mouth.

I wanted my business to feel the way I felt in those moments—spacious, calm, and like every part of my day had an intention, even when it was a busy one. 

I realized that working towards a more meaningful life that I wouldn't regret 30 years later meant more clarity on who I was & my mission as a business owner. With that clarity as the foundation, I built a mindful business & lifestyle brick by brick, growing it into the Made on Sundays of today.

Imagining Made on Sundays

so the story began...

Also, if it helps...
this should get you into those sunday vibes

I was born and raised in Vancouver, Canada where I worked what I thought was my dream job as a brand manager for a Fortune 50 company on the weekdays and explored the outdoors on the weekends. It was everything I’ve wanted it to be—I oversaw nation-wide marketing campaigns, managed creatives, and truly enjoyed the people I worked with. 

But as years went by, my gut (or Spleen - Hello Splenic Projectors 👋) was telling me I was made for something different. Have you felt that way before?

Starting an aligned business and retelling my story allowed me to build a creative & mindful CEO life where I get to grow, elevate the lives of others, and make big plans for the future. All this without the exhaustion that comes with hustle culture. And with delicious stroopwafels on the side :) 

Now you can catch me going on morning bike rides to get fresh flowers from my local florist before I get to my jungle-sanctuary-studio to design brand identities and help other female entrepreneurs fall in love with their business again. 

Because your life gets to feel like a peaceful, cozy Sunday—any day of the week. 


hey there!

my favourite

Sunday Activities

Start a new book. I love reading non-fiction. Can't help it, learning about spirituality, design, money and relationships are my go-to.


Grab an Iced Earl Grey bubble tea from my go-to tea shop in my neighbourhood and sit in the Amsterdam sun.


Sunday brunch is a must. Pancakes, waffles, grilled halloumi, avo smash. All the things.


Sunday evening boat rides along the narrow Amsterdam canals. I cannot think of a better way or vessel to eat, drink & spend my time with my hubby.


Learning a new skill. Painting, music, macrame, baking. Anything that allows me to create and inspire new ideas.


Planning my next vacation. Because travel is probably my personal why I do what I do. Exploring other cultures is also where I draw most of my design inspiration.


Tools & resources

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Wondering how I run Made on Sundays? With a lot of help! 

Explore all my favourite business tools & resources that I use to organize and execute my mindful CEO life with more ease. 

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