So here are some of my go-to tools and resources that I absolutely love when it comes to running, building and growing mine. 

i know you know it takes a lot to nurture and grow a mindful business.





wandering aimfully






insight timer

Struggling to write your client contracts? Get a lawyer approved contract in place in just a few minutes. All of our client contracts are templates made by The Contract Shop! Trust me, it'll save you a ton of time and headache.

for mindful entrepreneurs

Trust me. You need it!

We love Canva -A LOT- here at the studio. Design like a pro with this easy-to-use, online design program for all your marketing needs. Did we mention? All of our design templates are made on Canva!

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Every Sunday, I love taking a new Skillshare class to learn a new artistic hobby. Whether it's painting, illustrating, interior design or even mindful practises - Skillshare has a class on it!

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Wondering how I create my beautiful emails? Flodesk! They are a super easy-to-use email platform with tons of ready made email templates that get my ideas flowing. 

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Our very own shop for premium pre-designed  templates for your every day business needs. From workbook templates, social media templates and more!

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Notion is what I use to organize my whole life and business. Imagine a project management system, excel, notes, calendars, databases and checklists all in one place. It's how I keep my busy life organized, at ease and mindful.

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Every CEO has a business mentor. For me, that's Jason & Caroline at Wandering Aimfully. My hilarious, intelligent, and incredibly intentional mentors behind our core business philosophy here at Made on Sundays.

You'll thank me later

Our go-to online print shop for all our marketing material needs. Moo is who we recommend to all our clients for high-quality print and amazing customer service. Claim your 25% off for your first print job!

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I know running a business is hard and it can really affect our mental health. For months when I just need to talk things out, I know I have my counsellor on BetterHelp. If you're looking for a more accessible way to find a therapist, give them a try! Cancel at any time.

One week of counselling free

Loom is my favourite way to communicate with my clients who are typically in different time zones. It allows me to record myself and my screen at the same time, and then instantly share the video with a link. One the the best investments I've made for my business!

14-day Free Trial

My all time favourite meditation app to use. I've been using Insight Timer for years and -trust me- it's the best free app you'll ever download. All the meditations are shared by the community with topics on sleep, stress, happiness, abundance, everything!

Always free to use!

A quick disclosure: Some of these may contain affiliate links. But, I was going to recommend them anyways, so I may as well get paid for it!

My favourites things


The Showit website design platform is our main platform of choice for most service-based businesses. In fact- this website your on right now was designed on Showit. It's an easy-to-learn, drag-and-drag platform, creating beautiful and powerful websites with no code required!

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if you've met any CEO, you know they can't stop talking about their books. every successful story begins by learning from others.

whats on my bookshelf?

Here is a collection of my favourite creative & mindful CEO books that have made an impact on my entrepreneur journey.