So here are some of my go-to tools and resources that I absolutely love when it comes to running, building and growing mine. 

i know you know it takes a lot to nurture and grow a mindful business.





wandering aimfully






insight timer

Struggling to write your client contracts? Get a lawyer approved contract in place in just a few minutes. All of our client contracts are templates made by The Contract Shop! Trust me, it'll save you a ton of time and headache.

for mindful entrepreneurs

Trust me. You need it!

We love Canva -A LOT- here at the studio. Design like a pro with this easy-to-use, online design program for all your marketing needs. Did we mention? All of our design templates are made on Canva!

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Every Sunday, I love taking a new Skillshare class to learn a new artistic hobby. Whether it's painting, illustrating, interior design or even mindful practises - Skillshare has a class on it!

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Wondering how I create my beautiful emails? Flodesk! They are a super easy-to-use email platform with tons of ready made email templates that get my ideas flowing. 

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Our very own shop for premium pre-designed  templates for your every day business needs. From workbook templates, social media templates and more!

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Notion is what I use to organize my whole life and business. Imagine a project management system, excel, notes, calendars, databases and checklists all in one place. It's how I keep my busy life organized, at ease and mindful.

It's always free to use!

Every CEO has a business mentor. For me, that's Jason & Caroline at Wandering Aimfully. My hilarious, intelligent, and incredibly intentional mentors behind our core business philosophy here at Made on Sundays.

You'll thank me later

Our go-to online print shop for all our marketing material needs. Moo is who we recommend to all our clients for high-quality print and amazing customer service. Claim your 25% off for your first print job!

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I know running a business is hard and it can really affect our mental health. For months when I just need to talk things out, I know I have my counsellor on BetterHelp. If you're looking for a more accessible way to find a therapist, give them a try! Cancel at any time.

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Personal finance is an important topic that we as business owners need to take full ownership of. WealthSimple is a Canadian financial investment service that I personally use as a fun, accessible, and easy way to build my long-term financial wealth.

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My all time favourite meditation app to use. I've been using Insight Timer for years and -trust me- it's the best free app you'll ever download. All the meditations are shared by the community with topics on sleep, stress, happiness, abundance, everything!

Always free to use!

A quick disclosure: Some of these may contain affiliate links. But, I was going to recommend them anyways, so I may as well get paid for it!

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