Launch your online business with intentional, professional, and cohesive branded materials and graphics.

26 easy to follow, step-by-step lessons to help you DIY your own designs - no design background needed.

Your DIY materials and designs just aren't looking the way you want them to look.

you were ready to launch your business yesterday but...

Trust me, we've all been there before. Bootstrapping at the beginning of our entrepreneurship journey, trying to chase our dreams to make this business work. There's no shame in a little bit of DIY-ing, but why not learn a few tips & tricks from a professional brand designer to cut that time in half and actually end up with designs that you're proud to share.

let's be honest,

I'd like to introduce to you...

My step-by-step SkillShare class that walks you through all the basics of branding and designing on Canva so that by the end of the class, you're ready to launch your business with professional and cohesive marketing materials and graphics that match your unique style.

What will we explore?

Understand the importance of branding and the key questions you should be asking yourself to create a brand that reflects who you are

My designer secrets to sourcing stock photography, custom fonts, and graphics for your brand

How to get inspiration to design unique graphics that catch attention

All my professional tips & tricks to designing on Canva with ease - Basically your Canva 101

My step-by-step process for designing all your essential business graphics like Business Cards, Email Signatures, Invoices, Instagram Posts, Pinterest Pins, Lead Magnets & more!

psssst... and did you hear that I'll be providing you with TONS of beautifully pre-designed templates so there's no blank page anxiety here!

AND, help you grow your business by attracting dream clients so that soon you'll be able to contract that design work out completely.


Best part? Join the class for free right now with my 30-day SkillShare trial:

Too good to be true? Nope, click the link and you'll see. 

Is this class right for you?

Well, this class is perfect for you if...

You've tried dabbling around with Canva to DIY your own business graphics, but you're starting to feel overwhelmed because they just aren't looking right. 

You're new to entrepreneurship and you're ready to launch your business idea but you don't know how to brand and design in a way that will attract a new audience.

that's me!

You're a VA or an aspiring design assistant who's ready to hit the brand ground running and support others with their basic design needs. 

You got your eye on a your favourite brand designer but you just can't afford to hire them right now. DIY-ing is your best option at the moment but you still want to show up confidently in the meantime.

Did I hear templates?

You sure did!

Every design lesson is accompanied by a beautifully pre-design Canva Template to help you beat that blank-page anxiety. Once you sign up for the class, you'll get immediate access to a PDF with all your templates & resources ready to download.

Get ready to share your work with a community of new entrepreneurs just like you.

ps. You can take the class for free right now with my 30-day SkillShare Trial.  There's really no reason not to 🤷🏻‍♀️


What can you expect once you join the class?

26 Lessons / 3+ hours of learning at your own pace

here is the lesson plan:

  1. Class Introduction
  2. Class Project 
  3. Sign up for a Canva Account
  4. Overview of the Canva Dashboard
  5. How to Find Stock Photography
  6. How to Find Custom Fonts
  7. How to Find Custom Graphics
  8. The Importance of Branding
  9. Set up your Canva Brand Kit
  10. Adding & Styling Fonts
  11. Adding & Styling Images
  12. Adding & Editing Video & Audio
  13. Styling with Shapes, Graphics & Animations
14. How to get Inspiration for your Designs
15. Overview of the Canva Design Space
16. Design a Business Card
17. Design an Invoice
18. Design an Email Signature
19. Design an Instagram Post
20. Design an Instagram Carousel and Grid
21. Design an Instagram Story and Cover
22. Design a Scrolling Video Graphic
23. Design a Pinterest Pin
24. Design a Workbook
25. Make your Workbook Interactive & Fillable
26. Final Thoughts.
Let's get right into designing your dream business together.

take the class for free with my 30-day skillshare trial:

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how do i sign up for the class?

The class is available now! Just click here to join the class right away. 

how much is it to take the class?

If you already have a SkillShare membership, then the class is already included. If you don't have a SkillShare membership yet, then you can take my class for FREE with my 30-day free trial here:

do i need any experience in design to take the class?

Not at all! In fact, this class is created specifically for my non-designer entrepreneurs, so no experience is necessary. I'll be walking you through it all from the beginning every step of the way. 

will i benefit from the class even if i'm not launching a business or have already launched my business?

Yes! This class can benefit anyone who wants to learn the basics of design on Canva. While the lessons are structured in a way to help you launch your business by the end of the class, it's easy to pick and choose which lessons you'd like to take and apply them for your particular situation. So whether you are launching a business or not, everyone can benefit from learning to design on Canva. 

I've been in business for a couple of years now and I'm ready to invest in custom branding & design. is this class still for me?

This class was designed to help brand new entrepreneurs launch their business, so that they can grow it to a place where they are feel confident in larger investments. It sounds like to me that you're ready for those larger investments to take your business to the next level. How exciting! I want to invite you to check out my custom branding & design services and to book a free discovery call to see how I can help. 

check out custom branding

Take the class for free today with my 30-day SkillShare Trial: