Let's check it off 

Organize all of your client and project tasks, notes, information and communication under one roof - or what I like to call Client HQ - and feel more at ease knowing you have a reliable workflow you can finally depend on.

It's finally time to streamline your service-based business, and design a custom workflow and client portal perfect for you and your clients.

Your all-in-one client management Notion  system is waiting for you.


The thing is - starting a business is hard enough, and when you don't have a system that keeps projects streamlined and organized, it can sometimes feel impossible. The overwhelm that you might be experiencing, could even hinder your business growth and make clients feel uncertain about the experience of working with you. 

I know. It's exhausting!
And you might even ask "Is your current business workflow even sustainable in the long run?"

You've got your notes app open, multiple google docs flying around, heck, maybe even a physical notebook! And for everything else in your business? memorized at the top of your head.

Let me guess...

What if I told you, the blueprint of your perfect client management system is already figured out and waiting for you? A custom CRM, an internal project space, and a client portal designed exactly how you need it - all built on Notion for free. 

You can view all of the information of your past, current and potential clients all in a glance, so you never forget Nicole's dog's name again when you get on the next call with her (cause you know it's the details that matter)
You finally have a dedicated internal project space to jot down any meeting notes, client log-ins, or other important info that used to suck up your time searching for
You share a beautiful and professional portal with your clients, helping them feel excited and engaged in the project, and helping you stay organized and deliver the best client experience possible
You didn't have to spend time or money on multiple productivity and business apps to only realize they don't all connect to eachother

Imagine if...

Receive the ClientHQ Notion Template Pack so you can get a head start on your own set-up

Get a peek behind the scenes of my tested Client Management Workflow

Build a collaborative Client Portal that brings your client experience to the next level

Create a dedicated Internal Project Space, so you'll never waste time searching for your notes again

Design your custom Client Database, so you can access all their info at a glance

The basics of navigating Notion to boost your every-day productivity

What will we cover?

My complete blueprint on how to create your own Client Project Management system on Notion.

I'd like to introduce to you...

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"It was an amazing experience, the whole thing made me feel like she knew exactly what she was doing and that she was trustworthy and organized"

Kelly Fiorini, website copywriter

A past client of Made on Sundays and experienced the ClientHQ as a happy client. 

You're ready to grow your business by charging more for your services and reducing admin work to a minimum. You know you need a system to build your calm & sustainable business. 

You've been hearing everyone talk about how amazing Notion is, but when you finally open the app you have no idea where to begin. You want to be that "Notion Person", but you need help.

You're booking more clients now and it's getting hard to juggle everything. You had "organize & streamline my projects process" on your to-do list forever, and know it's finally time. 

You just started your service-based business and you're confused what tools to use to organize your client projects. There's a lot out there, and you just want a simple system.

Well, this class is perfect for you if...

Is this class right for you?

that's me!

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  • Kajabi Specialists
  • Interior Designers
  • PR Consultants
  • Graphics Designers
  • Copywriters
  • Health Coaches
  • Nutritionists
  • Virtual Assistants
  • Marketing Consultants

or maybe you're one of these...

3. Intuitive design for you & your clients.

Yes - you read that right. After you get your client set-up for the first time, there is no need for anymore emails. On top of an Instant-messaging like feature on Notion for general project conversations, your clients can now provide their feedback AND comment directly on any project task all within the portal. No conversations lost!

2. No more emails.

While other apps make it simple to get your client portal set up using their interface, you might find yourself needing to adapt your client process to their set-up, or even needing to connect other third-party apps to fill in the gaps. With Notion though, you have full control on how you want to build your client portal. Using Notion's many features in their toolbox, you can easily build and grow your client portal to work with your unique business needs. 

1. Flexibility to design your own custom interface.

well, here are a few reasons that set notion client portals apart:

Now I know there are lots of different apps you can use to create your client portal these days, but "why Notion?" you might ask:

The best part about Notion is how easy it is to learn. After learning the basics of how it works, the rest comes intuitively. In the course, I'll not only teach you the basics AND provide you with a template to get you started quickly, but I've also dedicated a whole lesson on how to teach your client to use the portal in your welcome video. 

This way you can get a head start with creating your very own custom Notion System

And yes, the ClientHQ Notion Template pack of the whole eco-system will be included with your course!

Client database (CRM)
life/Business Dashboard
Internal Project Space

The perfect Client Project Management Eco-System.

Client portal

You could, but the client portal is just one piece of the client management process. In Client HQ, I'll show you my whole workflow from tracking a potential client, to wrapping up a project and all the details in between.

that's great, but can't i just buy a client portal template on its own for cheaper?

Click play!
7. Create your Client Portal: Project Phases
8. Create your Client Portal: Project Timelines
9. Linking the Databases Together
10. My Client Management Workflow
11. Film a Welcome Video
12. Final Thoughts
  1. Class Introduction
  2. Class Project (Skillshare only)
  3. Get Set up With Notion
  4. Create your Client Database
  5. Create your Internal Project Space
  6. Create your Client Portal: Project Resources

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What can you expect once you join the course?

The Lesson Plan

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I had wanted to develop a system in Notion for a while, as I found a lot of value in it being a simplified tool, but interactive and intuitive platform. My catalyst for change was a new high value client, with a long project timeline, so I wanted to ensure they had a polished, streamlined experience to match.

Pivoting from Click-Up was a good decision. I liked it for its power, but it is complex and not very nimble. Your course really helped clearly lay out the steps to make that change, but also in an adaptable way that worked for my business. I also liked that I could craft a set-up that was 'right for me, my way of working and my clients' too, rather than trying to fit a pro-former style. Thanks so much Cheryl!

"Client HQ was really helpful, especially as I wanted to find an alternative project management solution. I wanted to make my client's lives even easier than before."


$200 value

$100 value

$100 value

$100 value

$50 value

$50 value

A one-time

BUT, I think that every entrepreneur deserves a productivity system they can depend on and use to create more calm and sustainability in their business. So for now, I'm offering this course for...


do you have a skillshare membership?

ClientHQ Notion Template Pack

Loom welcome video training

A behind-the-scenes look at my own workflow

Notion Client Portal Blueprint

Notion Internal Project Space Blueprint

Notion Client Database (CRM) Blueprint

When you enroll, you'll instantly get access to:

So how much does it cost?

I need this!

That's a total value of $600

Investment of $86


"I highly recommend Client HQ. The step by step guidance that Cheryl provided really helped me understand how to create a client workflow that will work for me. Her personalized approach provided a great experience overall. The time and patience that was taken to create this course and walk us through every part is something I appreciate."

Jordan Bracey, Coach

"The ClientHQ course is by far the most comprehensive Notion training course I've found for creating a portal for my coaching clients."

Janet Hallowes, kajabi specialist

"This class has been so helpful I’ve been trying to figure out an organized way to track projects and have everything in one space! I have played with Notion before, but I couldn’t figure out the setup; this has solved that issue for me. I can't wait to implement this in my business! Thank you!!"

"The whole experience felt effortless! It made the whole process feel more connected, exciting and fun for us. We wish more service-based businesses use Notion."

Kirsty & Dane, co-owners sundays house projects

A past client of Made on Sundays and experienced the ClientHQ as brand & website clients.


how do i sign up for the class?

The class is available on Skillshare here as well as for purchase separately here.

The thing is - starting a business is hard enough, and when you don't have a system that keeps projects streamlined and organized, it can sometimes feel impossible. The overwhelm that you might be experiencing, could even hinder your business growth and make clients feel uncertain about the experience of working with you. 

is there a difference between taking it on skillshare or separately?

Nope, the class is exactly the same whether you decide to take it on Skillshare or purchase the course separately. 

do you need experience with notion to take the class?

No, not at all! Notion beginners or daily users are all welcome to join the class. The lessons are taught in a step-by-step format, so just follow along and you'll learn to use Notion in no time. 

is this class for any type of business owner?

This class was designed for service-based business owners or any entrepreneur who works with clients on projects digitally. For examples, if you're a designer, copywriter, consultant, coach, nutritionist, trainer, social media strategist, or any other business that offers one-on-one service online, this course is perfect for you. 

Is it worth my $86? Can't I just build it on my own for free?

You can absolutely build it on your own, but the productivity system I perfected and teach here is one that I thoughtfully created through trial & error with many clients over the last 2 years. It's one that I know will work and clients love, and it will save you months of time trying to figure it out yourself. Your time is valuable. The faster you can implement your next level client experience, the quicker you can charge your next level prices. You and your clients are worth the investment.