DESIGN intensives

for the entrepreneur who needs to launch ASAP

The Intensive is perfect for you if...

  • You've been a service-based entrepreneur for less than 3 years 
  • You need a solid starter brand and/or website made by a professional
  • You want to skip the line and get your business launched/relaunched as soon as possible
  • You have a smaller budget (less than $3,000) right now but need an elevated designer look to help you grow your business
  • You've considered designing your brand/website yourself but decided it's probably better to hire it out after a few attempts



what can we get done in 8 hours?

ShowIt Sites

Branding Design

One-page website design: Not all websites need to be complex multi-page design. Simplicity is key when you want to connect with your audience quickly with a simple offer. With this custom 1-page ShowIt website (also known as a landing page), you'll be ready to seamlessly grow into a bigger suite in the future.
Everything above is guaranteed. Depending on time, we may also be able to include alternative logos & icons, brand elements, social Canva templates & other stationary. We can create a priority list together and see how many things we can knock out as we get through the day. 
· Custom styled mood board
· Logo Mark
· Brand colour palette
· Brand font combination
· Brand board with usage guide


Template Customization: Did you already purchase a ShowIt template? I can load in your brand elements and customize as many pages as we can within our 8 hours together.

Choose your path and see what we can complete during a vip intensive

book a vip website

book a vip brand

· Primary Logo


ShowIt Site Tweaks: For those who have their ShowIt site completed but needs a little tweaking via a designer's touch.
Are you ready?

let me tell you how it works

Fill out my client application here so I can better understand your needs. All VIP days need to be booked at least 3 weeks in advance.

I will then reach out within 1-2 business days to schedule a free discovery call with you. During this call, we will discuss further about your business and how we can structure a VIP day that'll work for you. 

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

During our call, we will also discuss my available VIP days for you to choose from. After which you will be sent a contract and a 50% deposit invoice to secure the date.

After your booking, you will receive a questionnaire and prep list for everything we need for a successful VIP day. This will need to be completed at least a week before our strategy call.

You will receive all of you final files/new website transferred over to you with any accompanying video tutorials. We'll be ready to hit launch!

Step 7

the wrap up


the discovery call

Choose your day

Pre-VIP day prep work

During our strategy call, I'll be presenting you with a stylized brand concept for branding or a website wireframe for ShowIt Sites. By the end of this call, we will have a clear and aligned game plan for our VIP intensive.

Step 5

strategy call

The day begins bright and early for me and 100% dedicated on our project. Throughout the day, we will have a couple of video check-ins allowing us to have a fully collaborative approach. Due to time difference, some projects may spill into the next day as we wrap up the project.

Step 6

VIP design day

The Investment

8 hours of one-on-one custom design for one fixed price of


A 50% deposit is due up-front and the remaining will be due the day before your VIP day.

let's get started

Got a few questions?


What if I live in a different time zone?

That's no problem! On our discovery call we will work out a schedule that works for the both of us. In some cases, we will split our 8 hours over 2 days. 


can i book a website intensive without branding AT ALL?

No, in order to create a website design that works for your business, we always need to start with branding. I would recommend booking a Branding Intensive before your website.



Can i book both a branding & website in a vip intensive?

Yes, they will be booked as 2 separate Intensives. When you reach out, just mention that you want both services scheduled.



How available will I need to be on our vip day?

We will be checking in 2-3 times on video call throughout the VIP intensive. Calls can be pre-scheduled but you're expected to be available through emails throughout the intensive.



can i provide my own branding for a website project?

I always recommend booking the same designer for branding and websites to ensure a cohesive design. On our discovery call, we can review whether I'll be able to use your branding.



what if i need more time? can I include add-ons?

If we need more time for additional add-ons, we can definitely book another full intensive or half intensive. Happy to discuss options during our project!



fill out our client application

Excited to get this going?