MY no-fluff step-by-step process to planning, designing, listing, branding, and selling your designs in no time.

Your Complete roadmap to selling Canva Templates on Etsy.


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While there's many ways to scale your business, my friend, today I'm letting you in on how I started my passive income streams with digital products. And before you tell yourself that this is going to be too much work, I'm here to help you every step of the way with my simple roadmap to launching your Etsy Template Shop sooner than you think.

You're left wondering -
"Is there another way I could scale my business without working more hours?"

YOU'VE HAD A SERVICE-BASED BUSINESS FOR A WHILE NOW and you're starting to realize you only have so many hours in a day.

Tell me if you can relate...

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Did you hear? This class, along with thousands of other business classes, are included in your SkillShare membership.

Building a stand-out brand & customer experience that will keep customers coming

Creating a winning Etsy Listing: From beautiful product mockups to SEO 101

My tips to designing Canva Templates that sell passively

Intentionally plan your digital product with my provided Product Spec Sheet 

How to choose your first product that will expand your online business

What will we explore?

My step-by-step SkillShare class that walks you through my simple process on how to launch an Etsy Shop selling Canva Templates. 

I'd like to introduce to you...

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that's me!

You're at your 9-5 job, dreaming about the day you can pursue something more creative. While you're "quiet-quitting", build an income stream to pad that transition.

You're a service-based business owner and you're booked out to the brim. You've been introduced to the world of digital products, but have no idea where to start!

You've tried the whole selling physical products thing, but realize it's not a passive income stream at all. You're intrigued by the thought of expanding into selling digital products.

You're a graphic designer and you're ready to scale your business by selling your designs to an even greater audience. 
It's time to diversify your online income!

Well, this class is perfect for you if...

Is this class right for you?

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As we go through each lesson, we'll be completing your Product Spec Sheet together. A guide I personally use every time I create a new product. This ensures that you're not only choosing and designing a product that sells, you're also creating a product with intention. 

access to my product spec sheet and booklet full of additional resources!

What's included?

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Let's launch your Etsy Template Shop together!
7. Prepare your Deliverable
8. List your Product
9. Create a Product Mockup
10. Branding & Customer Experience
11. Launch your Shop
12. Final Thoughts
  1. Class Introduction
  2. Class Project
  3. What you need & Costs
  4. Choose Your Product
  5. Define Your Product
  6. Design Your Product

here is the lesson plan:

12 Lessons / 1 hour of learning at your own pace

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What can you expect once you join the class?


how do i sign up for the class?

The class is available now on SkillShare. Sign up for the class here.

how much is it to take the class?

If you already have a SkillShare membership, then the class is already included. If you don't have a SkillShare membership yet, following the link here will give you my 30-day free trial to take the class for free now!


Yes, I recommend students to have a basic level of design before taking the class as I won't be going into detail on how to design on Canva. However, if you have no to little design experience, I'd recommend taking my other SkillShare class, Canva Basics: Launch your Creative Business and you'll be ready to design your first product in no time! Take the class for free here.

will i benefit from the class even if i already have an etsy shop?

Yes! This class will take you from the beginning to end of launching your Etsy shop, but if you already have one, you'll still learn important lessons on how to improve your shop listings. If you're struggling with sales numbers, then some of the tips I provide may help you boost them!

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