You have a complete brand identity system but you’re hoping for just a couple more Instagram templates, a little more variety in your gorgeous new brand elements and/or you just decided to offer a new freebie that needs to be branded.

Whatever that looming design task might be, I can probably whip it up for you in less than half the time. In fact- probably all of them in just a day! 

Let me help you take those all off your plate and give you peace of mind knowing that you have a professional brand designer on your team for the day.


· Social Media Graphics
· Simple graphic elements
· Digital workbook/worksheet templates
· Presentation (Canva Presentation/Google Slide) templates
· Additional Business Cards
· Letterhead template
· Additional Web pages, landing pages or website updates
· Other marketing materials 

the investment

Everything you need - done in a day for $1000 USD. 
A 50% deposit will be due in Step 2 below, and the remaining amount will be due at completion.

Are you ready?

let me tell you how it works

Schedule your VIP Design Day. Ensure to book a day that allows enough time to complete any pre-work (project brief/copy/brand photography) typically 2-3 weeks ahead. You’ll also need to be virtually available during that day to do any reviews or answer any questions. 

Once you’ve booked your date, I’ll be contacting you by email the next 1-2 business days with our contract, deposit invoice and project brief. The full invoice needs to be paid before any design work begins.

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Where needed, I may reach out to book a quick Pre-call with you before your VIP Design Day to go through your project brief and give you an expectation of what can be accomplished during your VIP Design Day.

During your VIP day, I’ll be dedicating 100% of my time to your design projects. Ensure that you are virtually available early that day to answer any questions or review any work. At the end of the day, I will be sending over all of the completed work as well as a video tutorial on how to use/access everything.

After your VIP Design Day, I’ll provide 1 hour of revisions for any final touchups.

Step 5

schedule your day
Friendly note: I’m still human, so I can’t guarantee that absolutely everything can be accomplished in 1 day. However, I will try my best to hit close to the expectations that I’ve set during our Pre-call. You’re also welcome to book multiple VIP Design Days where needed. All VIP Design Days need to be booked at least 3 weeks in advance and there will only be a limited number of days available in a month. VIP Design Days are only available for previous clients of the Essentials/Full Experience Package.