How to create Animated Instagram Stories

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Eye-catching Instagram stories are a great attention-grabbing way to make your ideal clients stop scrolling. Today, I’ll be showing you how to create animated Instagram stories completely free and with no design experience needed right on Canva.

Below I’ll walk you through it, but if you’re more of a visual learner then watch this video:


1. Select your template

Log in to Canva, then select and create your Instagram story template. There’s two ways to go about this: You can either click “Create a design” at the top right and select “Instagram Story” to get the right dimensions, or search for an Instagram Story template design you like via the search bar.

2. Animate your video

Here’s where the fun begins! Now that you are ready to start editing your chosen template, you can add unique, animated elements to your story three different ways.

Add a video

Once you’ve selected your template, you’re ready to add in your video! Choose or upload any video you might want to use and drag it into a placeholder on your selected story template. If needed, adjust the size and positioning until it fits.

Animated design elements

Another way to animate your stories is through the Elements feature in Canva by selecting “Stickers”. You can either scroll Canva’s huge graphics collection or use the search bar and type “animated {insert word you’re searching for, ie. lines, arrows}. You can drag and drop them straight into your design. As a easy reference, my favourite search terms are: Animated Arrow, Animated Sparkle, Animated Line and Animated Word. You can also grab my FREE Animated Canva Elements reference guide in the descriptions of my Youtube video below.

Use the Animate button

There’s also an “Animate” button you’ll see at the top when you’re in your design. Simply click on the page you want to animate, and the Animate button will pop up on the top left. Try all the different animation options!

Use these three features to create an animated video individually or all together – they’ll be sure to up-level your stories in a fun and unique way.

3. Preview & download

Once you’re done, you can preview your animated stories by clicking “Play” at the top of your screen. If you like the look of everything, head to the top right to download your stories – make sure you download each page individually.

There you have it!

 Be sure to download my Animated Canva Elements document all my favourite animated elements for quick reference you can simply copy and paste. Head to the video to grab them!

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