How to be a Mindful Entrepreneur: Clarity + Organization (with Notion!)

Mindful entrepreneurship is something I’ve been actively practicing and improving on since I started my business. Even some small mindset changes can benefit your mental and physical health, and make you a more balanced and productive CEO of your business.

In this blog post, I’ll be walking you through my concept of mindful entrepreneurship and how I achieve my mindful CEO lifestyle on Notion. If you’re more of a visual learner, then watch this video instead:

What does “mindful” mean?

The definition of Mindful is to be deliberately aware of your body, mind, and feelings in the present moment, in order to create a feeling of calm.

Mindfulness and a calm state of mind aren’t usually words that come to mind when thinking of running a business. When I first started my business, I did a lot of cold outreach, hustling, and imitating other’s definition of “success”- far from calm.

But I learned that by being more mindful and taking care of myself, I’m able to better show up for my clients.

What is a mindful entrepreneur?

As a mindful entrepreneur, you are fully aware of what you say, how you show up, and what your thoughts are. It means being mindful of your whole self (your thoughts, feelings, intentions, values).

When you’re struggling with direction or clarity, remember what you’ve overcome to get to where you are and remind yourself of your why. Why did you start your business? Why do you do what you do? Get clear on your personal intentions and vision for your best possible future self.

Only then can you truly design a business that fits into your life – not the other way around.

Benefits of being a mindful entrepreneur

  • Wake up every morning rested, calm, creative, and ready to take on the day

  • Prevent burnout

  • Feeling in complete alignment with your business

  • Organized clarity that you can always refer to & share with others

  • Working in-flow

  • Manifest your best future self

  • Making sure your brand is always reflective of your genuine self

  • Create more calm in your business

I like to separate being a mindful entrepreneur into a two-step process: Clarity + Organization.

Clarity: Mindful practices as an entrepreneur

Having a healthy mindset

Having a healthy mindset is the first step in becoming a more mindful entrepreneur.

Remind yourself this: I have complete control to design a business that helps me prioritize my life & wellness.

Ask yourself these three questions:

  • How can you intentionally design your business in a way that fits your dreams, lifestyle and goals?

  • What can you do today to gain more clarity about yourself?

  • How can you brand your business in a way that is unique, because YOU are unique?

Remember: There is NO competition when you position your business as unique because of YOU. Because there is no other you.

Wim Hof Breathing

Within my Notion set-up (I’m sharing more details in my YouTube video linked below), I have a section dedicated to my favorite meditation and breathing practices I like to do each morning.

Recently I’ve been practicing Wim Hof Breathing and am loving it. It’s a short 11-minute breathing technique and it really gets the tingles going and I feel so much energy afterwards!

This is my favourite Guided Wim Hof Breathing video.

Dr. Joe Dispenza Meditation

I’m currently reading Dr. Joe Dispenza’s book “Becoming Supernatural”. He comes from a scientific background and his explanations of meditation and manifestations make so much sense (rather than just focusing on the woo).

In the book, he explains how powerful the mind can be: creating matter from energy. He believes that the mind has the capacity to relieve pain, release anxiety & depression, and cure diseases with positive thoughts and beliefs. The book teaches you different meditations to help you break the cycle that keeps you living in the past and instead, live and feel your best possible future self.

My favourite 11:11 minute Tuning into New Potentials meditation.

And for when you have more time, this is my favorite 38 minute Blessing the Energy Centers meditation. This one makes me cry every time!

Tapping with Gala Darling

When I feel anxious or have negative emotions stored in my body, I’ve been loving using Gala Darling’s tappings to dissolve anxiety and feel more loved. Tapping is a great exercise to feel more grounded and centered and will help you with mindfulness in clarity in combination with all my other suggestions! It’s also great for you if you have never tried meditation or have struggled with meditating in the past. It’s more of an active practice and can be effective for you if you struggle with sitting in stillness.

Here is one of my favourite Gala Darling tapping videos.

Future Self Journaling

While I don’t journal every single day, I will do it a few times a week when I feel up for it and have some downtime. One of my favorite things to journal about is my future me. You’re journaling as if you are already in the future living your ideal life.

Ex: It’s Feb 1, 2025 and I just woke up in my king-size bed, feeling so happy and energetic. I feel a rush of creativity and I cannot wait to get up and conquer my day.

I always get overly excited when I do this type of journaling because there’s no limit to how you want your life to look. The tip here is to emphasize all the senses: What do you see? What do you hear? How do you feel? What do you taste? What do you smell?


This is something I enjoy helping my clients with to work through pivotal moments of their life that brought them to where they are today to gain clarity of who they want to become in the future.

Close your eyes and look back at your life like your watching an old movie. Who were the main characters? What problems/challenges were you trying to overcome? What were those moments in your life that built you up to who you are today? What made you feel true love and happiness? What drove you to start your business?

Now thin 5-10 years ahead: What are you prioritizing in your life? What does your business look like? What type of clients will you be serving? How will you make your clients feel?

Is what you’re doing today bringing you closer to that vision? If not, what can you do to get there?

Organization: Brand Story Playbook

Now that you’ve learned about ways to become more mindful and gain clarity, you’ll want to organize your business to reflect those learnings.

Your vision, your mission, your purpose, and who you’re serving – all these details need to be organized in one space.

I’m a big fan of Notion and have my entire personal and professional life organized on this platform. To help me quickly remind myself of my brand mission, brand values and identity, I created a Brand Story Playbook in Notion. Some may call this a Brand Strategy guide or Brand foundations, but I like to call it a Brand Story Playbook because not only does it form the foundation of your brand and business, it also tells a clear personal story that forms the purpose behind the business.

I’m showing the behind-the-scenes of the Made on Sundays Brand Story Playbook today, so be sure to watch my YouTube video below for a full walkthrough of my Playbook and a more in-depth explanation of all the above concepts.

Are you working towards being a more mindful entrepreneur?

Tired of the hustle like me, and ready to run a more calm business?

I am REALLY excited to announce that I’ll be offering the Brand Story Playbook as a course for service-based entrepreneurs this year!

Typically, only clients who are on my Full Experience Branding package will get this guide. But I believe that it’s such an important process to go through even if you decide not to hire a branding/graphic designer.

So I’m opening up the waitlist now. Be the first to know when the course presale is open!


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