How to Remove Image Backgrounds with 1-Click

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If you’re looking to remove the background of one of your images, you can do so easily with a Canva Pro account – no Photoshop or design experience needed.

Canva allows designers and non-designers to create beautiful graphics with their easy-to-use drag and drop features. The free plan will be just fine for basic design needs, but for this specific tutorial you’ll need a pro account to access the background remover feature.

How to Remove Image Backgrounds with 1-Click

Removing image backgrounds is useful when you’re wanting to create a unique graphic with just the main element of the image with other graphics and text layered on top. You can use those for YouTube thumbnails or other similar graphics.

Below you’ll find an easy two-step guide but if you’re more of a visual learner, watch this video:


1. Upload your image

To get started, start a new design and choose either a custom size or one of the templated designs, depending on your needs. Then, choose a colour you’d like your new background to be.

Next, upload the image you’d like to remove the background of to your canvas.

One thing to note, the background remover feature works best on basic backgrounds (take a photo in front of a plain wall for example). For more intricate backgrounds with lots of different colours, designs and textures, you might need Photoshop.

2. Remove the background

Once you upload your photo to your canvas, select your image and click on “Effects” on the top left of your screen. This feature will only become available with the Pro account, so you won’t be able to see the Effects menu tab with the free version.

Within “Effects”, you’ll see a bar across the top called “Background Remover”, click it and TA DA! You’ve just removed your image background with just one click.

Background Remover feature on Canva.png

Now the fun begins! Start layering on fun graphics, text or other design elements without a distraction from your old background.


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