WAIM Unlimited 2024 – An Honest Review + Bonus!

Waim Unlimited

Here’s my story on how I found WAIM Unlimited, and an honest review of how the program has affected my business journey.

Every business owner at some point will come across a time when you feel like you need a little help. At about the 1.5-year mark of my creative business, I felt a little stuck and I was in the market for either a course, a coach, a membership, or something similar to help me get past that phase of my business. And trust me, when I say I was in the market – I really had my eyes open to opportunities. I read SO MANY different landing pages and sales pitches from many offers from coaches, course creators, and consultants in the market.

The more landing pages I read, the more overwhelmed I felt. A common theme amongst these offers was the promise of quick success, short-term strategies surrounding current online trends, and the belief that either hustling hard or strictly “manifesting” can make you $10,000 months. Sound familiar?

To be honest- none of these coaches sounded appealing to what I needed for my business until I came across WAIM Unlimited by Jason & Caroline at Wandering Aimfully.

In this post, I’ll give you a little look into their membership to see if it’s right for you and your business. But if you’d prefer to watch me walk through it instead, just click play:

What is WAIM Unlimited?

WAIM Unlimited is a comprehensive group coaching community and membership for intentional online business owners. The membership focuses on 3 key things:

  1. 🚀 Boosting business revenue (based on personal financial goals)
  2. ⏰ Gaining more free time (what’s all the revenue for if not to live a spacious life?)
  3. 🎉 Having more fun (business shouldn’t just be serious and stressful)

It is based on the idea that there is no one-size-fits-all solution for designing a business and life you love; it’s really all about experimenting intentionally to find the right solution for you and your business.

Who is Jason & Caroline?

Jason & Caroline are the husband and wife team who are the coaches behind it all. Caroline is a self-taught designer, incredibly emotionally attuned and intentional about everything that she teaches and shares. Someone that I see myself in. And Jason is amazing with the strategies and more operational business management. He’s the everyday go-to guy who’s there to assist you with anything regarding your business. I love that they are a small husband-and-wife team, allowing me to see benefits and mindsets from both a feminine and masculine approach to business.

What is part of the WAIM Unlimited Program?

First off- it’s amazing. It’s a jam-packed program full of resources, guides, tools, courses, and THE MOST helpful community of business owners that I’ve ever seen. It’s everything I wanted to invest in for my business in ONE program. Here are a few of my favorite things that are included:

  1. Monthly Live Group Coaching sessions: These are 2-hour sessions to help you focus on 1 new business topic a month. Some of the previous session topics include: Identifying your offer, Create an Automated Email Course, Masterfully Managing Memberships, Creating a Brand that stands Out and more. All of these previously recorded sessions are already available immediately when you sign up.
  2. Un-Boring Business Roadmap: A methodical, five-step roadmap for optimizing your online business and boosting your revenue. A unique way to help you focus on one piece of the entrepreneurial puzzle at a time.
  3. Notion Starter Pack: They’ve created a FULL Notion system template for you to get started with project management, business organization, content creation and more. It’s amazing and I use it to create my own Notion space as well
  4. Client Off-ramp: A Notion template designed specifically for client-service business owners who want to move toward selling digital products. It can help you manage your client workflow, make it more efficient, and grow an audience so you can launch your first digital product.
  5. 40+ Courses & Workshops: On top of the live group coaching sessions every month, all of their previously created courses are included. These include: Optimize your Website Strategy, Building your Marketing Bridge, Selling without Feeling Sleazy and more. Watch my video above to see me scroll through all the available courses.
  6. Lifetime Teachery Account: Yes- they built their very own online course software platform! So if you’re thinking of creating your own course in the future, you will also get a lifetime membership Teachery. You never have to pay for a monthly subscription to create your course…ever! 🤯
  7. WAIM Slack Group: Probably the best Slack community I’ve ever seen. If you have any questions regarding your business, you can post them in the group. Within minutes, you’ll get tons of thoughtful comments back from encouraging business owners. You also get 1-on-1 access with Jason and you’re free to reach out to him directly. An incredibly rare perk when it comes to group coaching programs.

PLUS everything they will ever create in the future!

How did WAIM Unlimited impact me and my business?

On top of all the amazing skills I’ve gained through the courses, coaching sessions and workshops, the most important thing that I got out this program is how I view myself as a business leader. I feel confident, relaxed and inspired all at the same time. I know that I am building my business intentionally and at a pace that fits into my lifestyle. No sleazy sales tactics, no trendy online strategies, and DEFINITELY NOT fast cash short-term actions. I am in my business for the long run with strong foundational business strategies that I am proud to stand by. It also helps to know that I’ve invested in genuine people who not only walk the talk but also care about me and my business.

How do I sign up for WAIM Unlimited?

Typically WAIM Unlimited only opens their doors to the program twice a year, but LUCKILY, I have a secret link that you can use to sign up at any time. If you’d like to read their landing page, you can check it out here. Otherwise, you can start your WAIM Unlimited membership right away here:

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For a limited time, you can get access to both my SkillShare classes, Canva Basics: Launch your Creative Business and Etsy Template Shop: Diversify your Income with Canva Templates completely free after you sign up for WAIM with my referral link.

What you need to do to claim your bonuses:

  1. Sign a WAIM membership here.
  2. Email your purchase confirmation to hello@madeonsundays.com
  3. Receive your free access to my 2 Skillshare classes within 3-5 business days!

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