How to Make Instagram Reels Sync with Music -Canva Beat Sync

With the rise of short-form video over the last couple of years I’ve been spending more and more time filming and editing videos. Like, hours weekly to produce just a few 60-second clips for Instagram, which felt…way too complicated! 

One of the most tedious parts of the editing process was figuring out how to make Instagram Reels sync with music 🤯

I wanted the audio beat to match up with the video content, but manually adjusting the footage was taking way too long. 

This is an example of a synced Reel:

When Canva came out with the Beat Sync feature for its Video Editor, I had to test it out – and I wasn’t disappointed! 

Beat Sync makes it really easy to sync your Instagram Reel with the music, and I’m going to share the exact steps with you so you can start using it, too 😊

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What Is Canva Beat Sync? 

Canva Beat Sync is an editing feature that automatically matches your video footage to your soundtrack to bring out the best of your visual narrative. 

Canva Beat Sync Landing Page

You can upload your own soundtrack or search Canva’s music library, pair videos with images and illustrations, and download your videos to share on social media. 

I’m impressed with how well Canva Beat Sync works and will be using it to create all of my Instagram Reels in the future! 

Syncing Instagram Reels with Music Using Canva Beat Sync

If you’re more of a visual learner, follow along with this video! 👇

1) Create a Design

Head to your Canva account and click on the “Create a Design” button in the top right corner. If you’re creating an Instagram Reel (or a short-form video), select the “Instagram Reel” option to open the editor. 

A look inside Canva account.

2) Pick a Song

Once you’re inside the editor, it’s time to choose a soundtrack for your Instagram Reel or video! 

Go to Elements → Audio, pick a song with a nice beat, and add it to your project 🎧

Do you want to use trending music from Instagram? You can record the song with your phone and bring that audio clip into your Canva video project. Just remember to remove the song from your project before you export it and match it to the original song when you upload it to Instagram! 

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A look inside Canva picking music for Instagram Reel

3) Add a Video Clip

It’s time to upload your video clips to Canva! 

Go to Uploads → Upload Files to get your videos to Canva or simply choose from your existing video clips. 

Drag and drop the video clips into your Canva project and arrange them in an order that makes sense for your Instagram Reel or video. 

A look inside Canva, uploading video clips.

4) Adjust Footage Length

To create a short-form video, adjust the length of your video clips to make sure they’re not too long. Canva Beat Sync will adjust your video lengths more, but I like to do this manually first! 

5) Turn on Beat Sync

Once your video is prepped and ready to be synced, go to the top of the page and click on Beat Sync. 

With just one click of a button, the tool will make your Instagram Reel sync with music to make your video more cohesive and elevated! 🙌🏼

How to use Canva Beat Sync feature

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